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ROCK LINE UP May June 20th - 26th


Thursday JUNE 20th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Diva Karaoke w/ Vivian Storm-8pm
RED PIANO: Jen Porter, Jason Libs-5pm
INSTITUTION ALE: Will Breman-6pm
OLD TOWN COFFEE: The Caverns-6pm
LOBERO: Justin Hayward of The Moody Blues, Mike Dawes-8pm


Friday JUNE 21st

SOHO: Mendeleyev w/ Pocket Fox & Jackson Gillies w/ Val-Mar Records-8pm
RED PIANO: Jen Porter, Jason Libs, Jim Rankin -3pm
WHISKEY RICHARDS: 4 On The Floor-9pm
MSPECIAL(GOLETA): Matthew Clark Trio-6pm
MSPECIAL(SB): Will Stephen’s Band-8pm
CARRILLO REC CENTER: Alpha Rhythm Kings-730pm
MAJESTIC VENTURA: Bohemian Queen-8pm
VINA ROBLES: Gabriel Iglesias-8pm


Saturday JUNE 22nd

SOHO: Doctor Wu-630pm
WHISKEY RICHARDS: The Mends, Lizardsmouth-9pm
RED PIANO: Jen Porter, Jason Libs, Greg Godfrey-3pm
MSPECIAL(SB): Definitely Maybe-8pm


Sunday JUNE 23rd

SOHO: The Tribe Presents: The California Sound-730pm
RED PIANO: Jen Porter, Jason Libs, Abby White-1pm
VENTURA MUSIC HALL: Hollow Coves, Billianne-8pm
ALAMEDA PARK: The Heavy Hitters, True Zion, The Kicks, The Rahkas-1pm


Monday JUNE 24th

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Open Mic Night-8pm
RED PIANO: Kelly’s Lot-730pm
VENTURA MUSIC HALL: Drive-By Truckers-8pm


Tuesday JUNE 25th

SOHO: The Hana Sound feat. CJ Helekahi Leokane Pryor, Jim “Kimo” West-730pm
RED PIANO: Jen Porter, Jason Libs-5pm


Wednesday JUNE 26th

RED PIANO: Jen Porter, Jason Libs-5pm















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