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Wednesday Nov 15th




VELVET JONES: Indubious, Zahira-8pm, 18+, $10

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk on Vinyl-9pm, 21+

MEL’S: Comedy on Tap-8pm



Thursday November 16th




SOHO: The Water is Life Celebration ft. Derinkuyu, Shining Lion, Ryan Dafoe-830pm, $11

BREWHOUSE: Ventucky-830pm

TELEGRAPH BREW CO: Folk Orchestra-8pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Seedless w/ Jason J-7pm




Friday November 17th




VELVET JONES: KJEE Presents Barns Courtney, Craig Strickland-8pm, $18

LOBERO: KJEE Welcomes-Tim Minchin-8pm

SOHO: Pookie, The Six Sevens, Sanderlings-915pm, 21+, $10

BREWHOUSE: Alastair Greene-9pm

DARGAN’S: The Caverns-10pm

M.SPECIAL: Golden Impalas-7pm

ROUNDING THIRD: Jam Central Station-8pm

MEL’S Joe Lombardo Band-8pm



Saturday November 18th



VELVET JONES: Uno The Activist-8pm, $20

SOHO: Tennis, Wild Ones-9pm, 21+

LOBERO: Jeffrey Halford & The Healers, Amilia K. Spicer-8pm

BREWHOUSE: The Chills-9pm

SEVEN: Skin & Bones-10pm

FIG MOUNTAIN: Wall of Tom-730pm

M.SPECIAL: Detroit Sportsman Congress-6pm

DRAUGHTSMEN: Barry McGuire-4pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Led Zeplica-Tribute to Led Zeppelin

COLD SPRING TAVERN: The Excellent Tradesmen, Sean Wiggins-130-8pm



Sunday November 19th



SOHO: John Craigie, Jack Symes-8pm, $13-18

CENTER STAGE THEATER: Mommy Tomk & The Assless Chaps-7pm

COLD SPRING TAVERN: Hot Roux, Tom Ball & Kenny Sultan-115-730pm



Monday November 20th






Tuesday November 21st




SOHO: Shawn Thies-730pm, $10



Wednesday November 22nd



SOHO: Hansen Family & Friends Annual Songfest!-630pm

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk on Vinyl-9pm, 21+

MEL’S: Comedy on Tap-8pm

















































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