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Monday March 12th




RED PIANO: Alistair Greene Band-8pm




Tuesday March 13th




SOHO: Emancipator, Little People-8pm, 18+



Wednesday March 14th




WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk on Vinyl-9pm, 21+

MEL’S: Comedy on Tap-8pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Fortunate Youth w/ Ballyhoo! & Tatanka-7pm





Thursday March 15th




SOHO: The Mattson 2, The Real Savage Henry—9pm, 21+, $10-12

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Earthkry w/ The Question-830pm



Friday March 16th



SOHO: Sisters of Soul! & The Santa Barbara All Star Band ft. Rosemary Butler & Leslie Lembo-830pm, 21+, $15

GRANADA: Buddy Guy-8pm

EOS: Amtrac-9pm

M.SPECIAL: Bryan Titus Trio-8pm

DARGAN’S: King Bee-9pm

CARILLO BALLROOM: Alpha Rhythm Kings-845pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Donavon Frankenreiter-8pm

CHUMASH: Andy Grammar-8pm



Saturday March 17th




SOHO: Spencer & The Worried Lads-530pm, $5

VELVET JONES: Twisted Gypsy-7pm, 21+, $10

M8RX: Dieselboy-10pm

FIG MOUNTAIN: KJEE Localize It POTW Wall Of Tom-7pm

BREWHOUSE: Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress-8pm

M.SPECIAL: OnE, Shepherd’s Pie Celtic Band-4pm




Sunday March 18th



SBBOWL: KJEE Welcomes Jack Johnson & Friends-6pm, SOLD OUT

VELVET JONES: Lil Wop, CHXPO-7pm, 18+, $25-100

DRAUGHTSMEN: Bottom Line Brass Band-3pm

DISCOVERY VENTURA: Groove Session-4pm




Monday March 19th



VENTURA THEATER: KJEE Welcomes Flogging Molly, Jon Snodgrass, Scott H. Biram-8pm, $35-100

RED PIANO: Paris Slim Band-8pm



Tuesday March 20th




Wednesday March 21st




SOHO: Henry Rollins-8pm, 21+, $23-64

BREWHOUSE: Robert Thomas Band-845pm

WHISKEY RICHARDS: Punk on Vinyl-9pm, 21+

MEL’S: Comedy on Tap-8pm












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