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KJEE's Concerts in your Car BUSH giveaway at The Ventura County Fairgrounds 11/21 8:00pm 2020.

Winners will get 1 vehicle pass to the show.

Be the 9th caller when you hear the CUE to CALL NOW at 805-899-3292. Winners will be selected by sequential order in which the calls were received.

All prizes are non-transferable. All entrants must be 18 or over.

Contest runs November 18th - November 19th, 2020.


Please also see general contest rules here.




General Contest Rules


1. Participants in a KJEE promotion, resulting in a prize or award, must be 21 years or older to win, unless otherwise specified.

2. A person cannot enter on behalf of another person.


3. Winners must wait 90 days to win another KJEE prize. For prizes valued at $500.00 or more, the waiting period is one year.


4. KJEE is not responsible for lost or delayed mail, for telephone or fax equipment failures, or for e-mail system malfunctions causing a contestant to lose or delay the chance to participate.


5. KJEE will keep a file of customized rules for each promotion.


6. Employees of KJEE, KJEE volunteers, and persons involved with providing the prize or award, or the immediate families of such employees, volunteers and persons, are not eligible to participate or win.


7. Winners are responsible for any and all taxes associated with winning the prize. Winners will need to sign a W-9 form, provided by KJEE, before receiving any prizes valued at over $600.


8. Participants must be U.S. citizens for prizes valued at $600 or greater, unless otherwise specified.


9. Prizes have no cash equivalent and are not transferable.

10. KJEE reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar value in its sole discretion, either before or after a winner has been selected.

11. KJEE management will have sole discretion to decide any questions concerning the interpretation of rules governing the promotion and the administration of the promotion, and such decisions shall be final.

12. The promotion rules may be amended at any time by KJEE management without prior notice. However, all changes will be published on the KJEE website and effective as of that date.

13. In the case of a tie, KJEE reserves the right to choose the winner by any method it deems appropriate.

14. KJEE reserves the right to reject or discard any incomplete or confusing entry and any entry not submitted in accordance with promotion rules.

15. No promotion, promotion rules or explanations thereof shall be construed or implemented in any way which violates applicable laws and regulations, including FCC rules and regulations.

16. Participants will not have any expectation of privacy concerning the information submitted or the announcement of winners. KJEE reserves the right to use such information for any purpose as KJEE deems appropriate.

17. Submission of an entry or response shall constitute acceptance of the promotion rules and a waiver of any and all claims against KJEE and KJEE related to the promotion.

18. No purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win.

19. KJEE is not responsible for cancelled shows. Tickets awarded through KJEE contests will not be replaced with any form of prize.

20. Unless otherwise arranged, all prizes are to be picked up by the winner at the station office. Satisfactory proof of identification and age must be presented before claiming a prize.

21. Prizes not picked up within 60 days are subject to forfeiture.

22. KJEE reserves the right to cancel any contest at any time and without awarding any prizes.

23. Facebook contest winners are selected at random from the list of entrants to any particular contest as provided by the facebook contest application vendor. Then, an online random number generator is used to select the winner from the list.




















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